Take Action: Stand With Black Lives Resource Guide

What does it mean to Defund The Police?

This is a helpful article to start the conversation:
Why Police Abolition Is a Useful Framework — Even for Skeptics
Defund the police” has become a rallying cry for recent protests, but several different explanations have been offered for what it actually means. The semantic dispute reveals key philosophical differences among its proclaimers: The abolitionists who coined the term see gutting police budgets as one step toward a policeless society; others who’ve adopted it see policing as redeemable and worth preserving — a common view that much evidence suggests is folly…” Click here to continue reading.

This is a comprehensive Critical Resistance Abolition Organizing Tool Kit.
This tool kit covers the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) and puts the PIC in conversation with Health Care, Employment, Social Services and other social issues to create a much more complex analysis of what “Defunding The Police” means as part of a larger Abolitionist philosophical strategy with action steps.

This tool kit is 109 pages long and emerged out of discussions that began in Boston in March 2002. Members of Critical Resistance (CR) and partner organizations gathered for a roundtable discussion on abolitionist organizing strategies. Click here to access the full tool kit.