Take Action: Stand With Black Lives Resource Guide

Learning How To Show Up
Remember, it is your job to put in the work for self-reflection. Look in the mirror and consistently check yourself for anti-Black, racist behavior, uses of White or White Passing privilege and ways that you uphold the benefits you get from institutional and systemic racism. This is an on-going, life-long commitment. This is a great article from VOX.

What is Allyship?
Allyship is a lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalized individuals and/or groups of people. not self-defined—work and efforts must be recognized by those you are seeking to ally with.

Here is a good guide on Allyship from Women of Color For Progress

What is a Co-Conspirator?
Allyship today, whether it’s with Black Lives Matter or LGBTQ rights or other movements, is often characterized by profuse emotional outpouring yet severe inaction. With so many tragedies happening almost daily, it is easy for movements and their allies to be overcome with grief and sadness, so much so that continuing the movement work seems impossible. But, as Alicia points out, what movements need are people who are ready to act, who are ready to conspire.

“Co-conspiracy is about what we do in action, not just in language,” says Garza, “It is about moving through guilt and shame and recognizing that we did not create none of this stuff. And so what we are taking responsibility for is the power that we hold to transform our conditions.”

Read this article from Movement To End Violence