Take Action: Stand With Black Lives Resource Guide

Direct Action
Participate in strikes, demonstrations, or other public forms of protest rather than negotiation to achieve demands.

If you are going to participate in direct action please consider the following:

1. Support direct actions that are organized by the Black community. Make sure that you check the organization calling for the protest and that it is called by an organization of Black leadership. Sometimes there will be allyship protests called by non-Black organizations, make sure that those protests are being held in collaboration with Black organizations and the purpose/message is promoting the dismantling of anti-Black behavior.

2. If you are not Black, it is not ok to center yourself at the protest or how the protest should be happening. Fall back and listen to what the Black organizers of the protest are calling for and stand in solidarity with that.

3. Make sure you are prepared to participate in direct action. If you’re thinking about joining a protest near you, there are some crucial factors to consider: Police brutality is an abstract concept for some but a stark reality for others. There are ways you can contribute if you don’t feel safe protesting or are otherwise unable to physically do so. You can donate money, drop off supplies, or contact local legislators.

Read this WIRED article for best practices and tips on what to bring, what not to bring & how to prepare your mindset.