The Build Sessions

The Build Sessions: An Interactive Workshop in Capacity Building

In 2016, El La Katrina & Bgirl Macca traveled to Houston, Texas to take part in the largest Bgirl Conference in the U.S. organized by Bgirl BabyGirl. They were asked to host a panel discussion and instead decide on a more interactive approach. “The Build Sessions” was birthed and the first one will go down in history as a historic convergence of knowledge sharing, strategic planning and action orientated movement for Bgirls in the U.S. “The Build Sessions” bring strategy, personal narrative and small group action dialogues together to create a space where Hip Hop Communities can come together to flesh out shared goals, create coalitions and build visions with short, mid and long term benchmarks.


“The Build Sessions” can be tailored to the needs of the community or group requesting the workshop. This is a strategy session that helps participants find common ground in addressing short, mid and long term goals while allowing personal stories/narratives to be seen as important knowledge basis that inform the work and strategies. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of their own skillsets while learning how to connect with other’s best practices. Participants will also gain an action strategy for their visions (both collective and individual). This workshop is best served for participants who are currently working on a shared project/goal or who self-identify as a connected community.


Related Bio:

El La Katrina & Bgirl Macca both credit Hip Hop as a saving grace in times of struggle and self-realization/reflection as women of color. They are locally active artist practitioners; tradition bearers and cultural producers in their respective communities while being recognized for their talents and work both nationally and internationally. El La Katrina’s work in campus and community organizing as well as non-profit consulting has provided a basis for strategy work that can be applied in various communities.


Time format: 1.5 – 2.5 hours preferred
Room Accommodations:
Moveable tables & chairs for small to large group work, notecards, pens, markers, large paper and tape.
Experience Level:
Intermediate – Advanced