GIT Film Screening w/Q&A

GIRL ILLA Tactics Film: Hall of Femme & The Quest for Sisterhood in Hip Hop

In the Spring of 2015, El La Katrina & Bgirl Macca (GIRL ILLA Tactics) travel to Managua, Nicaragua. They judge the 1×1 Bgirl Battle, teach workshops and build with fellow women in Hip Hop (Bgirls, Writers & Emcees) from Central America who have traveled to the festival to perform, compete, build, share and grow. To help support the festival, GIRL ILLA Tactics successfully raises $3000 through an Indiegogo Campaign to offset any costs associated with getting El La Katrina & Bgirl Macca to Nicaragua and additional funds to help with the festival. While there, they document the journey through the voices of the women (and men) who traveled to be in community at Hall of Femme.

Women warriors manifest as Bgirls, Writers and Emcees at Hall of Femme. The women sharpen their battle tactics in hopes their skills translate from the cyphers to their community building strategies.  El La Katrina and Bgirl Macca explore how women in Hip Hop build community through their short film about traveling to Central America in 2015 for Hall of Femme, the first women in Hip Hop festival in Nicaragua.  The film explores topics of where Hip Hop and social change intersect for the women at the festival and what called them to Hip Hop. The film asks questions about the role of feminine spaces in the Hip Hop community while looking at ways cultural production is used to challenge and transform spaces. This documentary film is a 15-minute short.

Related Bio:

El La Katrina & Bgirl Macca both credit Hip Hop as a saving grace in times of struggle and self-realization/reflection as women of color. They are locally active artist practitioners; tradition bearers and cultural producers in their respective communities while being recognized for their talents and work both nationally and internationally. While both women have found respect and recognition in the many male-dominated spaces of Hip Hop, they have committed themselves to holding space and providing platforms for women to grow in this culture.


Time format: 1-1.5 hours preferred (45 min accommodations can be made upon request)
Room Accommodations:
Projector, Screen, Seating & Connected Sound Equipment
Experience Level:
Beginner – Advanced

GIRL ILLA Tactics Film Presentations to-date:

Wayne State University (Allied Media Conference, 2015)

University of California-Riverside (Show & Prove Conference, 2016)

Columbia College Chicago (B-The Bridge Hip Hop Teach-In, 2016)

Queenz of Hip Hop 8 (Denver, CO, 2017)

BBoy Summit (Los Angeles, California 2018)

Hall Of Femme (Managua, Nicaragua, 2018)