GIRL ILLA Tactics (GIT) is a Sustaining Womxn & Femmes Collective & Production House centering Black, Indigenous & African Diasporic Womxn and Femme identified voices through high quality arts productions, calls to art & action, curated happenings and space/place making rooted in Hip Hop cultural practice that supports strategic planning and sustainable community growth.

GIT has a fierce knack for pushing progress, accountability & healing. We create and curate artistic work, interactive community spaces, events, artistic calls to art and action, films, and knowledge builds and shares.  In order to do this work, we remain relevant in our own artistic practices as well.

El La Katrina and Bgirl Maaca founded GIRL ILLA Tactics, a multi-modal production & creative curation venture, in 2013 as a way to amp up leadership within the Bgirl Community and to bring awareness of the scene to outside support in a healthy way.