Raffle Fundraiser for SaveMoneySaveLife

GIRL ILLA Tactics in collaboration with Angela Miracle Gladue aka Bgirl Lunacee are excited to create a fundraiser in action to support the work of SaveMoneySaveLife Foundation.

Why SaveMoneySaveLife?
One way we can support long term work in local communities is by using our talents, time and resources to lift up and raise awareness for grass-roots organizations doing the ground work. SMSL is an organization that shows how this work can be done when there are Black & Indigenous voices centered in leadership and collaboration as well as gender balances in how the work is lead.

SaveMoneySaveLife is a non-profit organization located in Chicago, IL founded by Vic Mensa and lead by Executive Director Laundi Keepseagle. SMSL aims to curate accessible events and knowledge that uplifts and contributes to pushing culture and creativity further.  At their core, SMSL is a creative cohort – engaging community with cross-cultural, interdisciplinary programs and resources. Their place-based and project-oriented work uses S.T.E.A.M. education to facilitate experiences that integrates contemporary cultural art, traditional knowledge, and community service.

The overall purpose of SMSL is to highlight and empower BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color). Period. Through a traditional lens, they aim to help where needed, educate and build. They recognize they are continually learning and move with humility.

Why are we doing this fundraiser?
GIRL ILLA Tactics encourages people to find local grass-roots organizations in their area to support and highlight through volunteerism, fundraising and getting more deeply connected to local organizations that have been invested in long term work. These organizations continue to anchor community lead work to to dismantle systemic oppression. We hope this fundraiser serves as a resource not only for SaveMoneySaveLife, but also as an example of how people can get involved in their own local community through service.

Raffle Instructions
1. Check out raffle items on page 2
2. Choose items you want to bid on to be entered in that item’s raffle specifically. Item information is below each item.
3. You may bid on multiple items. When sending payment, make sure to specify which items you are purchasing tickets for and how many tickets per item.
4. All bid on items will be raffled on an IG LIVE event. You do not need to be tuned in to win.

Raffle specials for added fun!
We will be doing some specials during the raffle fundraiser!
Make sure to follow @girl_illa_tactics on IG for special giveaways during the raffle process for those who purchase tickets on any item. You could win bonus items along the way!

During the IG LIVE final raffle drawing for bid on items, all ticket holders will be entered into a 2nd chance drawing. The more tickets you purchase the more chances you have to win the items of your choosing and the 2nd chance drawings for bonus items!

Let the FUNdraising begin!

Check Out Page 2 For
Raffle Items & Ticket Purchase!

**Angela & Katrina are taking the raffle ticket purchases so they can manage who is biding on what and run the
raffle. Once the raffle is completed a total amount donation will be announced and sent to SaveMoneySafeLife.**