Graphic Designer – Bgirl Jess

Jessica Aceret is a Digital Product Designer with a background in Cognitive Science and Sociology, and has been designing apps & websites professionally since 2014. She started her career at Learning Equality and is currently working on projects in partnership with organizations around the world that aim to put power in the hands of communities to have more equitable access to educational opportunity.

Photo Credit: Lucky Button

She loves the creative/analytical balance of this work and aspires to continue the approach of building technology through the lens of equity and justice. In her spare time, she likes exploring graphic art & design and provides freelance and pro bono services in this area. Jessica is also a Bgirl and started breaking in 2013. She represents Goddistas and also cofounded San Diego Bgirl Sessions with Kate “Edukate” Morrissey. The group aims to create space for women-identifying breakers to connect and build, and it also organizes local events with and for the community.