GIT UP WITH US! (Events Calendar)

Womanifesting 2020
Chicago, IL
March 7, 2020 / Elastic Arts / 2PM-6PM

GIRL ILLA Tactics is co-producing an International Women’s Day Event highlighting Chicago-based Womxn and Femmes in the arts.  This event is a Day Party meant to create synergy and inspire.  Expect to be visually transported into the SKY because we want all our guests to come feeling FLY.  Come get your Goddess/Goddexx on with us!

This is Event is FREE but requires Eventbrite Registration.

Black History Month Special “The Five Elements”
Madison, WI
February 28 & 29, 2020

El La Katrina will be part of a panel discuss to discuss how to combat the criminalization of Hip Hop when it comes to working with institutions, local governments and art venues on February 29th (location & time TBA).

El La Katrina will also be hosting an interactive installation photoshoot for the Hip Hop Community in Madison at The Hitterz Collective studio space located at 3614 Odana Road in Madison, WI from 8PM-10PM on February 28th.

Make History Volume #1
Oakland, CA
Feburary 22, 2020

Bgirl Macca is among those honored to kick off the first installment of this important jam.  She will be judging and bringing her important voice to the space.  Make History is the first breaking jam dedicated to the black community that helped to create our artform. This Inclusive event will be showcasing intense battles and exhibitions while focusing on creating a stronger community worldwide through Hip Hop Culture.

Wordplay at Mooseheart ft. El La Katrina
Mooseheart, IL
January 9, 2020

El La Katrina will present new works as part of the Wordplay series presented by the Teen Writers & Artists Project.

RedBull BC One World Finals 2019
Mumbai, India
November 9, 2019

Bgirl Macca will represent the USA as the Winner of the RedBull BC One USA Camp 2019 Women’s Cypher Finals Held in Houston, TX in May 2019!  Watch Bgirl Macca represent the style and flava she is known for and represent her crew 360 Flava!

Madison College Talks: Yusef Salaam
Madison, WI
November 7, 2019

El La Katrina opens this sold-out event with a multi-media performance featuring projection art, spoken word, music and a 15′ Medicine Wheel/Ribbon Skirt wearable installation.

Bgirl City VIII
Houston, TX
November 1-2, 2019

El La Katrina will be in full effect at Bgirl City VIII representing GIRL ILLA Tactics as an Installation Artist, Day 2 Hip Hop Vintage Flee Market Host, Official Bgirl City Interview Host & will be helping out FloorBeings a commentator for the 2×2 Bonny & Clyde Battles.  This event is always PURE

Bring The Love: 3-Day Micro Festival
Chicago, IL
September 13-15, 2020

GIRL ILLA Tactics is co-producing & curating this 3-Day Micro Festival focusing on community building through Hip Hop Culture where music, organic cyphers & battles, community building, joy and love are the focus of the festivities but formal competition brackets are not part of the experience.  The festival spans 3 distinct days.
Day 1: The Jam
Day 2: The Party
Day 3: The BBQ

Community Activated Medicine (CAM)
Milwaukee, WI
August 17, 2019

El La Katrina will run a youth and elders workshop focused on community art installation building as liberatory and intergenerational healing practice for IndigenoUS communities.

Red Bull BC One Camp USA 2019
Houston, TX
May 18-19, 2019

Bgirl Macca will represent as one of 16 Bgirls invited to battle it out for the top spot to represent the USA in the RedBull BC One World Finals to be held in Mumbai, India in November 2019.

EL La Katrina will also make an appearance on the finals stage in a Bgirl City performance representing women in the culture.

Tune into the Live Stream!

Bgirl City Mixer 2019
Houston, TX
May 11, 2019

El La Katrina will perform an original spoken word piece and present a curated interactive installation experience for Bgirl City’s 2019 Mixer.