Immersive Installations As Healing Practice

Womxn, Femmes & Non-Binary Installation Series in Chicago

El La Katrina is creating a lead up project to Womanifesting 2020 , the collaboration gathering and
celebration event GIRL ILLA Tactics is organizing & curating in collaboration with Egun Collective and
Goddistas Crew.

El La Katrina will build installations around those who identify as Womxn, Femmes and Non-Binary in the arts who inspire community collaboration, innovation and growth in the Chicagoland area. Each
installation build will be photographed with additional archival content.  The photographs will be part of the immersive visual experience of the Womanifesting 2020 celebration.

Vanessa Rae De Leon (“The Lioness”) is a Chicago Native Waacker that is actively involved in female empowerment. Currently, she is taking on a project to provide trauma-informed recreational/therapeutic activities for survivors of sexual assault. Professionally, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Dance Movement Therapist (R-DMT).

The process of building these installations encourages collaboration and communication among artists that lead to conversations around body positive practices, cultural representation, and taking control and (re)claiming of one’s narrative/image. The installation and photoshoot process encourages
participants to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin while encouraging this type of
installation making as a healing practice.

Brittany Harlin is a performing artist, choreographer, and artistic director of dance-related events and choreographic productions. Her work is based in African Diasporic movement, as well as the bridge-gapping through dance and music of indigenous people. She’s been called a hippie and a fawn on multiple, separate occasions.